Asosiasi Experiential Learning Indonesia (AELI) DPD Jawa Timur melakukan audensi dengan pengelola Ijen Geopark

Dibuat Oleh : Admin Bondowoso | Tanggal Publikasi : 03 Agustus 2023

The Asosiasi Experiential Learning Indonesia (AELI) DPD Jawa Timur conducted an audience with the Ijen Geopark management on Thursday, August 3, 2023. The visit was made to discuss plans for collaboration between AELI and Ijen Geopark.

AELI is a platform for practitioners and companies that provide capacity building services using experiential learning methods. During the visit, AELI DPD East Java visited several places in the Ijen Geopark area, including UPH Kopi in Sumberwringin, Geosite Aliran Lava Plalangan, and Teduh Glamping.

Ijen Geopark has a mission to preserve the diversity of geological resources, cultural uniqueness, and biological wealth sustainably. It also aims to increase the welfare of the community through strengthening the role of the community in managing the Geopark, expanding business opportunities, and increasing the income of the community and the region. The visit by AELI DPD Jawa Timur to Ijen Geopark was an opportunity to explore potential collaborations between the two organizations. It is hoped that this visit will lead to a fruitful partnership that will benefit both organizations and contribute to the preservation and protection of the natural resources in the Ijen Geopark area.

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